buildgrid.server.referencestorage.service module

class buildgrid.server.referencestorage.service.ReferenceStorageService

Bases: ReferenceStorageServicer, InstancedServicer[ReferenceCache]

FULL_NAME: ClassVar[str] = 'buildstream.v2.ReferenceStorage'

The full name of the servicer, used to match instances to the servicer and configure reflection. This value should be declared on the class of any Servicer implementations.

GetReference(request: GetReferenceRequest, context: ServicerContext) GetReferenceResponse

Retrieve a CAS [Directory][build.bazel.remote.execution.v2.Directory] digest by name.

Errors: * NOT_FOUND: The requested reference is not in the cache.

UpdateReference(request: UpdateReferenceRequest, context: ServicerContext) UpdateReferenceResponse

Associate a name with a CAS [Directory][build.bazel.remote.execution.v2.Directory] digest.

Errors: * RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED: There is insufficient storage space to add the entry to the cache.

Status(request: StatusRequest, context: ServicerContext) StatusResponse

Missing associated documentation comment in .proto file.