buildgrid.server.capabilities.service module

class buildgrid.server.capabilities.service.CapabilitiesService

Bases: CapabilitiesServicer, InstancedServicer[CapabilitiesInstance]

SERVICE_NAME = 'Capabilities'
FULL_NAME: ClassVar[str] = 'build.bazel.remote.execution.v2.Capabilities'

The full name of the servicer, used to match instances to the servicer and configure reflection. This value should be declared on the class of any Servicer implementations.

property enabled: bool

By default, a servicer is disabled if there are no registered instances. If a servicer is not enabled, it will not be attached to the grpc.Server instance.

This property may be overriden if servicer enablement follows other rules.

GetCapabilities(request: GetCapabilitiesRequest, context: ServicerContext) ServerCapabilities

GetCapabilities returns the server capabilities configuration of the remote endpoint. Only the capabilities of the services supported by the endpoint will be returned: * Execution + CAS + Action Cache endpoints should return both CacheCapabilities and ExecutionCapabilities. * Execution only endpoints should return ExecutionCapabilities. * CAS + Action Cache only endpoints should return CacheCapabilities.

There are no method-specific errors.