Internal client

BuildGrid contains a minimal remote execution client that can be used through the bgd command line interface.

Dummy test

In one terminal, start a server:

bgd server start data/config/default.yml

In another terminal, upload an action to CAS:

bgd cas upload-dummy

Then send a request for work:

bgd execute request-dummy

The stage should show as QUEUED as it awaits a bot to pick up the work:

bgd operation list

Create a bot session:

bgd bot dummy

Show the work as completed:

bgd operation list

Simple build

This example covers a simple build. The user will upload a directory containing a C file and a command to the CAS. The bot will then fetch the uploaded directory and command which will then be run inside a temporary directory. The result will then be uploaded to the CAS and downloaded by the user. This is an early demo and still lacks a few features such as symlink support and checking to see if files exist in the CAS before executing a command.

Create a new directory called test-buildgrid/ and place the following C file in it called hello.c:

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
  printf("Hello, World!\n");
  return 0;

Now start a BuildGrid server, passing it a directory it can write a CAS to:

bgd server start data/config/default.yml

Start the following bot session:

bgd bot host-tools

Now we send an execution request to the bot with the name of the expected output-file, the path to the directory we uploaded in order to calculate the digest and finally the command to run on the bot:

bgd execute command --output-file hello /path/to/test-buildgrid -- gcc -Wall hello.c -o hello

The resulting executeable should have returned to a new directory called testing.